Questions On My Path

After fifty years or so of using psychotherapy, mediation and various other methods of expanding and deepening my own self-awareness, what has come to interest me the most, is captured in the following questions:

  • What are the forces within me that “endarken” me rather than “enlighten” me?
  • From where do they arise?
  • Why do they want to control what I am aware of?
  • Why do they want to keep me blind to certain self-truths?
  • How do they control my self-awareness?
  • Why are they so persistent?
  • Do I have any control over their presence within me?
  • Can I get rid of them… in a given moment? … or permanently?
  • Why do they keep coming back after periods of feeling free of them?
  • Is there a place inside of me that is free of their control?
  • If it exists, how do I find and access that place?
  • What can I do to preserve my contact with that place moment to moment?

This is not a book about our simple ignorance about ourselves — that kind of ignorance or not knowing, can be cured by someone simply pointing out what you don’t know. That’s easy. This book will surely give you some additional help seeing what you don’t know about yourself. But more crucially, this is a book that will help you see more clearly what is within you that actively and continuously keeps you from seeing a great deal of what is true about yourself and is available to you for personal guidance. Yes, it is a book to assist you in waking up to how much more is available to you within, but, again more importantly, the book’s purpose is to help you to wake up to how much your awareness in each movement is in fact being determined by inner forces that operate automatically and outside your ordinary awareness.