Introduction 1
Section One: My Ego and My Self
Chapter One: What Do You Think An Ego Is? 19
Chapter Two: A Job Description Of The Ego 35
Chapter Three: Does This Map Of The Ego Fit Your Experience? 57
Chapter Four: The Ego’s Reinforcement/Reward Team 82
Chapter Five: How Are You Doing In Your Ego’s Eye’s 100
Chapter Six: The Ego’s Enforcement/Punishment Team 133
Chapter Seven: Seeing the Fearsome Threesome At Work Within 153
Section Two: My Thruthplace and My Self
Chapter Eight: Using Personal Awareness to Expand Beyond The Grips Of The Ego 195
Chapter Nine: What Do I See Inside Me With My Personal Awareness? 208
Chapter Ten: The Truthplace 234
Chapter Eleven: Living From The Truthplace 248
Chapter Twelve: On Pain, Pleasure, Safety And Wellbeing 252
Chapter Thirteen: Can We Be With Each Other Safely And Courageously? 261
Chapter Fourteen: Resource Document 274
Chapter Fifteen: Living In A Two-Sided Inner World 286
Appendix A — Resources 305
Appendix B — The Ego: Classifications And Types 308
Acknowledgements 311